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Tim Leonard – Information Skills at UCO using Summon


You can watch the video recording of this lightning session here.

In this lightning session, Tim set the scene by talking about University College Oldham (UCO) itself and its partnership with the University of Huddersfield, focusing on how organisational factors impact on the way information literacy is taught at UCO. He then went on to describe how they use Summon as a starting point for most of their students and to detail how they teach Summon, basing  information literacy sessions around specific assignments, emphasizing the importance of refining searches and giving students the time to explore Summon for themselves.

David Jenkins – Finding Full Text in 5 Minutes


You can watch the video recording of this lightning session here.

This presentation was part of the lightning sessions, delivered to delegates as it would have been to library users. It is aimed at students at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and looks at how to use Library Search, MMU’s branding of Summon, to find full text resources online in five minutes. The emphasis was very much on quickly giving users the basics they need to get up and running with Library Search themselves rather than going into information literacy skills in any particular depth.

J. Adam Edwards (Middlesex University) – Teaching computer science students, using games, etc


You can watch the video recordings of Adam’s presentation here and his lightning session here.

Like Sandy from SHU, Adam covers a variety of subject areas.

Summon has been a huge enabler for Middlesex and has freed time up to do other things during teaching sessions.

* sessions aren’t always embedded in teaching
* teaching opportunities can be inconsistent
* teaching can sometimes be repetive
* timing of sessions can be bad
* lack of info skills — computing students don’t always know how to search!
* teaching methods and “death by Powerpoint”

Librarians and teaching…
* we spend too much time being generic
* tool based and didatic
* can be uninspiring
* too much content

Going forward!
* less is more — quality not quantity
* don’t try to clone students into mini-librarians!
* learning by doing
* learners, not the taught

* fun
* quick
* simple
* easy

Before Summon…
* separate training for different databases
* things get missed
* dull and confusing
* no time for Kleine topics

With Summon…
* lots of time saved during teaching
* have a go approach
* inspires confidence
* “Summon is better than Google because…”

From here…
* rolling out the new info lit framework
* developing activities
* improving attendance
* revalidation

Summing up…
* the changes have worked!
* teaching is much more fun!
* Summon saves time!