Sarah Brain – Impact of Summon at UWE


You can watch the video recording of this presentation here.

UWE have branded Summon as “Library Search” and have embedded it prominently on their library home page.

UWE have excluded book reviews and newspapers by default, and moved A&I without subscriptions to beyond the collection. The database list highlights which databases are covered by Summon.


* UWE have implemented a new information literacy framework
* UWE tend not to demonstrate Summon during 1st year inductions and instead just let them loose on Library Search
* UWE have more time to cover critical evaluation of resources


(will add this later as WordPress failed to update and lost my edits!)


1 thought on “Sarah Brain – Impact of Summon at UWE

  1. You mentioned one challenge being the tension between the Google results interface and the refinement facets in Summon. Do an ebay search with them – getting them to suggest an item to search for – and demonstrate how the facets on the left serve the same function in Summon i.e. searching for a needle in a haystack by first making the haystack smaller. Shoes were a great suggestion as refinements such as gender, heel size, colour, style etc all came into play. Working with sixth formers, I’m trying to get them to make the connection between search conventions in academia and what they already know, thus making the ‘leap’ to HE seem less daunting.

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