Sandy Buchanan – Using Summon with Engineering and Maths students


You can watch the video recording of this presentation here.

Sandy covers an eclectic range of subjects at Sheffield Hallam (SHU), with each usergroup having different needs and requirements.

SHU library home page has the Summon search box and links to LibGuides subject guides.

I’ll add a link in here to Sandy’s slides, but he’s covering how teaching is tailored to the different subject areas, e.g. Art & Design students are much more “hands on” and like to handle materials.

Sandy’s looking forward to the Topic Explorer pane in Summon 2.0 and the move to discipline facets.

Summon requires very little teaching, even to supposedly “non-techie” groups of students. Sandy has found that students share and help each other.

Journals dominate the results and provides an excellent opportunity to introduce them to 1st yr students, even though they maybe won’t really need them until 2nd or 3rd yr.

Summon provides a great introduction to other databases and provides a good way of highlighting the strengths and weaknesses.

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