Michael Latham & Mike Ewen – Summon at the University of Hull


You can watch the video recording of this presentation here.

Hull launched Summon in September 2012, managed by a project team made of up library staff, with a subgroup covering promotion and usability.

Hull went for a soft launch and promoted it heavily during the academic year and were keen to get word of mouth.

Front line staff were given demonstrations and training.

Info Lit delivery was initially cautious, due to staff still getting familiar with Summon. Summon initially presented as an additional service during inductions, including a brief demonstration.

Feedback collected by online surveys, focus groups and usability testing. Survey also provided an opportunity to promote Summon to those who hadn’t used it yet.

Focus groups and usability testing showed that students found Summon very easy to use without much in the way of training.

Mike showing off a word cloud from the survey comments, with words like “library”, “easy” and “ease” standing out.

Negative issues about doing a soft launch included lack of brand awareness.

Mike now talking about 2013/14 promotion…

* much higher exposure for Summon
* lots more promotional materials
* mail shots to academics and workshops
* strong focus on info lit teaching for 1st yr students
* drop in sessions
* teaching on postgrad modules
* LibGuides, with Summon heavily promoted
* important to also promote native database interfaces too!

Hull are looking to find the sweet spot between Summon and other search resources.

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