Matt Borg – Cultural Changes

You can watch the video recording of this presentation here.

Matt awarded some chocolate to the delegates who travelled the furthest!

Sheffield Hallam (SHU) had a 4 month beta period Summon.

SHU thought a lot about the discovery journey students take.

Prior to Summon, SHU had to teach students umpteen different interfaces — they were expert tools for expert searchers!

Librarians love to help, but we need to stop helping so much!

Initial feedback from some librarians was that they had issues with Summon, but this was down to their use of hyper-stylised searches rather than Google style searches used by students.

SHU have hidden their OPAC and Summon is the primary search interface.

Matt says we need to move to intuitive interfaces and feels that Summon helps that process.

“Librarianship should be about everything for everyone, but sadly there is sometimes an arrogance that seems creates barriers”

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