J. Adam Edwards (Middlesex University) – Teaching computer science students, using games, etc


You can watch the video recordings of Adam’s presentation here and his lightning session here.

Like Sandy from SHU, Adam covers a variety of subject areas.

Summon has been a huge enabler for Middlesex and has freed time up to do other things during teaching sessions.

* sessions aren’t always embedded in teaching
* teaching opportunities can be inconsistent
* teaching can sometimes be repetive
* timing of sessions can be bad
* lack of info skills — computing students don’t always know how to search!
* teaching methods and “death by Powerpoint”

Librarians and teaching…
* we spend too much time being generic
* tool based and didatic
* can be uninspiring
* too much content

Going forward!
* less is more — quality not quantity
* don’t try to clone students into mini-librarians!
* learning by doing
* learners, not the taught

* fun
* quick
* simple
* easy

Before Summon…
* separate training for different databases
* things get missed
* dull and confusing
* no time for Kleine topics

With Summon…
* lots of time saved during teaching
* have a go approach
* inspires confidence
* “Summon is better than Google because…”

From here…
* rolling out the new info lit framework
* developing activities
* improving attendance
* revalidation

Summing up…
* the changes have worked!
* teaching is much more fun!
* Summon saves time!

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